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Fun Games To Play with a Bumper Ball Bubble

Have you ever tried a bubble bump game? You might have heard and have watched a video on Youtube. But if haven’t experience yet, it’s time to buy a set and play some really fantastic games. Bubble soccer is one of the famous games that has been played across the country to spend such a good time outdoors and have some really fun and entertaining moments. For those, who loved bubble ball in the first glance, some exciting games could be waiting to bless them with ultimate joy and amusement. However, for bubble bump games, it’s not all about having fun and engaging moments, but they also affect you in several manners both mentally and physically. If you are new to bubble bump, must give a try to these super fun games and get yourself involved in unlimited fun and entertainment.  

  • Bubble Bump Soccer: Bubble bump soccer could be played gathering players and getting divided into two teams. Start the game like normal soccer but there will be no rules and no positions and no goalkeepers as well. A freestyle game with the same curiosity to send the ball to the goal but the intensity of the game will more accurate as there’s a surety of safe play.                                                                                                              There’s a different level of thrill as you head towards the goal, getting bumped by your opponents and rise again to kick the ball. Bubble soccer is most popular among all bubble bump games especially because of its amusing and thrilling gameplay. Play it with your friends or consider local bubble bump events happening near you to take part in bubble soccer.
  • Bubble Bump VIP: Just like bubble soccer, there need to be two teams. A player from any team will be selected as a VIP player. Other teammates of that team will be serving as bodyguards. The responsibility of bodyguards is to protect the VIP and to move him to the end of the court. While the players of the opponent team will try to bump these bodyguards and the VIP player to resist him going to the end of the court.                                           If the bodyguard team able to send its VIP player across then they will gain a win but if the opponent team manages to bump the VIP down then they will score a win and they will be choosing their VIP for the next round.  
  • Bubble Bump Sumo King: Perhaps one of the most exciting and fun games, which doesn’t need players to be split into teams. But similar to the Sumo game, two players will be competing with each other to knock-out an opponent out of the ring. It depends on the length of the ring but generally according to a sumo ring, bubble bump Sumo game is quite stimulating than the actual Sumo King.                                                                        The main rule is that you don’t just score a count bumping down your opponent. In fact, you only score a point when you bump your opponent out of the ring. Try this game, fighting bubbles is really such a great game to use your efforts, getting fit and having fun at the same time.  
  • Bubble Ball Bowling: One of the most exciting bubble ball game as one player runs to knock down all the players standing there in a pin. Just like the actual game of bowling, the player will score marks the number of bubble balls he has bumped down. Although there are different types of bubble ball bowling could be played, choosing the best game is all based on circumstances and your choice.
  • Last Bubble Bump Standing: The game is quite opposing than the game Bubble bump VIP. In Bubble bump VIP, you were saving your teammate from getting bumped, but in this game, you will be protecting yourself. The rule is as simple as that if you get bumped down, you will be out of the game. The game could be played creating teams or could be relished in freestyle. But the winner will be only one the last bubble bump left on the crease. Defend yourself from getting bumped out, otherwise, all the fun of the game will end at the moment of your bumping down. The funniest and thing about last bubble bump standing is that when two players try to attack each other with the same enthusiasm, the chances are both may end up sitting out the game track.


In modern time, the value of indoor and outdoor games have been deteriorating due to the adulation of digital games. The fun those indoor and outdoor games used to offer with a group of people is still underrated and one of the game is bubble bump. As digital games are eye straining and harm mental health, try to make it a limited use and give a chance to bubble soccer games. When played with buddies or a good team, helps you in various ways keeping you fit both mentally and physically.

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