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No interest, no fees

Experience fee freedom when you pay on time. Interest? Never


Laybuy Card

In-store shopping just got easier. Now you can tap to pay with Laybuy Card in Apple Wallet.


Boost your spend

We created Boost so you can spend more than your Laybuy limit by paying the difference up front.


What is Laybuy?

Laybuy is one of Australia's most established payment platforms for enabling shoppers to order without having to pay in full right away. They provide the technology to break up the payment into 6 easy instalments over 6 weeks.

How does it work?

To use Laybuy, simply choose it as a payment method when you checkout from an online retailer who provides it. You pay the first instalment at the time you place the order, and then there will be 5 following interest-free payments over the next 5 weeks.

Who can use Laybuy?

Be at least 18 years of age
Be a resident of Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom (excluding Ireland)
Have a valid email address and phone number
Have a valid drivers license
Have a valid credit card or debit card

What does it cost?

Laybuy doesn't charge any Interest or upfront fees. However if you miss a payment, there may be a $10 late payment fee.

What shops have Laybuy?

There are a range of shops that offer the payment platform. Pay it easy with leading online retailers who offer Laybuy. Simply use the search above to find a list of merchants. You'll find most types of products you are looking for can be found with a shop that has Laybuy. This payment method is also available in the United Kingdom. View a list of the Best Laybuy Shops in the UK.

How can I contact Laybuy support?

To get in touch with their customer service team, we recommend that you follow the steps at: https://help.laybuy.com/

Shopping at Treadmill Offers just got easier

Don’t you hate it when it’s a few days before you get paid, you see an amazing price on an item you must have, but there’s no money in your account? Don’t let your dream item get away from you, use Laybuy to help transform the way you buy things online. Here at Treadmill Offers we love Laybuy as it allows our customers the freedom to have the products they want now, and pay in easy to manage instalments . You pay only the purchase price by choosing this method, and process couldn’t be simpler or easier. Take advantage of Laybuy , all the great online shops are using it. Shop with Laybuy and get the products you want now!